‘ETB Legal’ is a team of professionals providing legal services since 2003, with experience not only in various areas of law, but also in different areas of client activity.

When solving an instant legal challenge, we adapt to the specific needs of an individual or business, so we will take into account the smallest details related to your unique case –the place, time and nature of the provision of legal services.


We believe that law is not just an established norms or a developed practice. Legal relations in an innovative society require a constant step ahead, for this reason we actively follow both national and global developments in the field of law, and constantly improve team qualifications.

We are concerned about the legal environment in which we live. Creation of maximum benefit for the client is inseparable from the efforts to foster and improve the practice of Lithuanian law, the prestige of the attorney-at-law profession and legal education of the society.

We have been creating win-win situations for more than 15 years. Guided by competence, we dare to provide non-traditional, effective solutions that are favourable to you, thus adding your success story to our list of victories.