Based on the individual aspects of the company’s management structure, we help clients understand the company’s problems, identify potential risks and ensure successful and sustainable business growth.

We will use our experience and knowledge in the field of corporate law to provide the most effective solutions to strategic and day-to-day issues – we will provide appropriate safeguards for managing legal risks, help clients understand the company’s problems, identify risks and find the best solutions. 

We prepare, negotiate and review all commercial agreements covering a wide range of business activities. Our long-term, client-recognised consulting and practical experience guarantees that we will find the most effective solutions for you, if necessary, we will represent your interests in acquisition processes, shareholders’ meetings, conflicts of interest of directors, as well as in situations related to legal risk management. As a responsible partner of your operations, we will advise you throughout the cooperation period.

Detailed list of services
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  •  Daily legal assistance in corporate law matters (general meeting of shareholders, activities of the board and manager, issuance of powers of attorney and procurations, etc.)
  • Issues related to the legal liability of managers and other governing bodies
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Corporate governance consultancy and other corporate governance services
  • Establishment of legal entities, branches, representative offices of all legal forms, their reorganisation, restructuring, liquidation
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Legal review
  • Representation in negotiations
  • Preparation of contracts, coordination.
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